Tree Services

Treating palm tree diseaseEach year in Florida thousands of trees become prey to pests and disease. Many of these threats originate from outside of the U.S. and are brought in with exotic plant species. Fortunately, Pest Patrol is equipped with the tools, technology, and experience to keep your trees healthy.

We care for all types of trees found in the Florida landscape. Our trained technicians are capable of identifying issues with your trees and applying the proper nutrient, insecticide, or fungicide at the proper dosage. Pest Patrol has the technology to deliver the appropriate dosages of product in various ways including trunk injection, root injection, heart of palm injection, as well as traditional broadcast methods. Ask us about our minimally invasive tree injection technology!

We have successfully treated trees in Florida for many years and have gained a wealth of experience. When it comes to trees Pest Patrol is who you call!

  • Bismarck Palm

    • How can you detect a weevil infestation early enough for treatment to save the Bismarck palm? The sooner we start with treatment to kill the infestation, the higher the chance to save your palm tree. Call us for a free consultation or if you spot weevils in your neighbor’s Bismarck palm tree. More »