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A healthy lawn and landscaping are an important component of an urban landscape. Not only do lawns and shrubs increase the value of a property, they also reduce soil erosion, filter storm-water runoff, cool the air, and reduce glare and noise.


Lawns and Shrubs require nutrients throughout the growing season to stay healthy. The amount of fertilizer required annually will depend primarily on the grass species. Management of home lawns often is not well understood by residents, and this can have adverse effects on turf health.


Pest Patrol applies different types of product applications at different times of the year, granular and liquid. Granular provides for a slow release of nutrients (during the dry season) while the liquid allows for the rapid uptake without causing turf burn (rainy season).


It is important to test your soil to determine phosphorus and other nutrient levels. Talk to us about having a soil sample analyzed, and let Pest Patrol design a custom treatment plan to give you the “The best yard in the neighborhood”


Many insects and insect relatives live in Florida lawns, but not all of them hurt the lawn and shrubs. Many are harmless, some are beneficial, and some are pests. Only a few cause significant damage and need immediate control. For example, chinch bugs, white grubs, aphids, and mealy bugs live on the plant foliage and suck plant juices.


Pest Patrol uses a dynamic insect control protocol. As conditions change seasonally the products used adjusted. We are always on the lookout for new insect threats and work closely with the University of Florida IFAS for both organic and pesticide solutions! To insure residual coverage our service is done every 6 1/2 weeks (8 times a year).


A properly maintained and effective water system is critical to to landscape health. Irrigation needs constant monitoring for coverage, and adjustment by the property owner by monitoring rain activity to avoid over watering which leads to root rot.


Mowing is one of the most important practices that can influence the health of your lawn. Follow these suggestions for a healthy, happy lawn:Mow at the highest recommended height for your grass species. For St. Augustine is 3.5–4 inches. Mow bahia grass at 3–4 inches and and bermuda grass at 1–2 inches. Mowing at these heights promotes a deep root system, which makes grass more stress tolerant.

We provide exceptional service when treating your lawn and shrubs insuring that your outdoor investment can be enjoyed throughout the year! Our unique blend of fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide is designed to promote growth, color, and the health of your lawn and shrubs. Never again will your lawn or shrubs be susceptible to pests and disease!

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