Chinch Bug

The Southern Chinch Bug

is the most important insect pest of St. Augustine grass in Florida. Chinch bugs damage is determined by an area of dead grass, will yellowing appearing on the outer edge of the loss area,  Chinch Bug DamageAdults are about 3/16 inch long and are black with white patches on the wings. The young (nymphs) range from 1/16 inch long to nearly adult size. Small nymphs are reddish-orange with a white band across the back, but older nymphs and adults have black bodies. They live in the thatch and suck fluids from the crowns, stems and stolons with their needle-like mouthparts. Infested grass turns yellow, then a burnt-reddish color, and dies. Chinch bugs tend to feed in groups, so dead patches of grass appear and seem to get larger as the insects spread through the grass. Severe damage tends to occur from March through November, and outbreaks can occur and due damage in less than 7 days.

Prevention and Treatment

Our lawn service is applied every 6 1/2 weeks (8 times a week). We apply broad based products that control chinch

Chinch bug before treatment

bugs as well as ants and other insects. Chinch bugs thrive in a hot and moist environment, and occasionally we see out breaks in between treatments.

The insects thrive during the summer rainy season. These affected areas typically occur near driveways and side walks, as the insects prefer the ambient heat generated from concrete and pavers.

Chinch Bug in middle of lawnOutbreaks are treated with a granular product, to the infested area as well as application is to a 10 foot radius of the affected area.

Communication is essential with the property owner or contractor providing the mowing and trimming and Pest Patrol. Report questionable conditions to us IMMEDIATELY!

Pest Patrol provides 24 hour emergency service once a issue is reported, and these services are included at no charge as part your recurring service.