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    • Lawn Watering and Mowing

      9:58 pm
      Lawn Watering-We are FINALLY turning the corner and approaching the rainy season! Let’s review our watering plan. WHEN TO WATER The best time for lawn irrigation is in the early morning hours. Watering during the day wastes water to excessive evaporation. Watering in late afternoon or late morning may be detrimental if it extends the Read More »

      9:47 pm
      St. Augustine should be cut to a minimum height of 4 inches, or the maximum height setting on your mower. Avoid over mowing, remember that longer blades means longer roots. Longer roots mean drought tolerance, and healthier grass is more resistant to insects and disease. Call 941 716 3734 with questions. Read More »
    • IMPORTANT MESSAGE – to save you Lawn

      9:46 pm
      Due to the extremely dry winter we are recommending that lawns be watered 60 minutes per zone, 2 times a week until the rainy season begins. Please Note: If your access to irrigation water is restricted to 1 time per week, set your timer to the maximum minutes per zone. Call 941 716 3734 with Read More »

      Florida Palm Weevils

      1:13 pm
      Some of you remember the “Whitefly Infestation” that we had a few years back, which destroyed or severely damaged many exotic palms and other trees. It appears that Mother nature has been hard a work, and we now have a new threat that is emerging. Bismarck (Silver), Canary Date (Pineapple), and other Palms are being Read More »