Bismarck & Canary Island Palm Weevils

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Some of you remember the “Whitefly Infestation” that we had a few years back, which destroyed or severely damaged many exotic palms and other trees. It appears that Mother nature has been hard a work, and we now have a new threat that is emerging.

Bismarck (Silver), Canary Date (Pineapple), and other Palms are being attacked by the Palmetto Weevil. The palmetto weevil was considered a minor pest, attacking only severely wounded and dying trees. However, it is now known to be a pest of stressed nursery and transplanted palms as well as apparently healthy Canary Island date (Phoenix canariensis Hortorum ex Chabaud), Bismarck (Bismarckia nobilis Hildebrandt & H. Wendl), and Latan (Latania spp.) palms.

These insects attack the tree in the Crown (center) and feed on the soft tissue. As they reproduce, the grubs (offspring) gorge themselves on the nutrient rich crown area, then crawl to the outer fronds, and emerge from the cocoon leaving the fronds with burn holes and discoloration of the frond due to loss of nutrients. The lower fronds of the canopy begin to droop. As the population grows the grubs consume more of the crown, eventually leaving the tree hollow. The weight of the canopy causes the tree to either lean, bulge, or fall over. In many cases the tree goes from healthy to total loss in 45-60 days. We are seeing a 50% infestation rate of various degrees of damage.

successful Bismark palm treatmentThe following statement was made by Dr. Robert Mertens, PhD. University of Florida, IFAS; “Bismarck Palms are indeed being infected. One reason is that the Weevils are attracted to stress. It could be cold weather, wounding, improper pruning, or damage to the Palms growing point. Weevils are also attracting Bismarck and Canary Date palms for some unknown reason. We don’t know why this is happening. High value palms (Bismarck and Canary Date) can be treated preventively with regular application of pesticides to repel the Weevil.”

Pest Patrol has developed a protocol for preventive annual maintenance as well the treatment for trees in various degrees of infestation/damage. We use the ArborJet injection system to inject the needed pesticides and nutrients into the heart of the Palm tree. By injecting instead of spraying or pouring products on the roots, we achieve full uptake from the roots to the fronds including the crown (center) in 24-48 hours. Take action today to protect your investment in your Palms.

Please contact our ArborJet Tree Specialists immediately for a free inspection and consultation.

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